In the inhabited space I love to create emotions recalling memories of ancient decorations and vintage tapestries. Through the research of original textures, I cover surfaces and walls with contemporary materials creating layers with resin and cement, from which traces of material residues emerge, like precious findings.

I interpret the surfaces of an interior as the skin of a body:
it is the skin of the inhabited space and my decoration intervenes on it like a tattoo.

artistic decorations

Contemporary decoration of the inhabited space, delicate bas-reliefs that create tactile surfaces where light flows in symbiosis with the material. Completely customizable textures and surfaces in cement and resin applied on walls, panels, furniture or other types of furnishing accessories to make each application unique and unrepeatable.

  • I appreciated Alice's works both in the various exhibitions between Milan and Florence, and in private homes in which I made photographic services for publication in magazines of Interior Design. Her works fully reflect her artistic sensitivity; they are characterized by the sophistication of the plots and a skilful use of materials and the extreme attention to detail, which give rise to a very personal and recognizable style.    

  • I saw Alice's works during an exhibition in Florence and then I photographed her tables for her. The surfaces made by her with resin are beautiful; they are surfaces with particular reliefs that oscillate according to the light reflected with effects also chromatic, from shades of brown to gray to more decisive colors such as violet, green and blue. Really beautiful works! In addition to being unique pieces, they also have a great effect on furnishings and enrich every interior setting.    

    Susanne Paetsch HOUZZ, October 2016
  • Very good! Alice has succeeded in bringing back in my work exactly my idea and with an admirable technique using natural materials.  

    Raimonda Ciani HOUZZ,  September 2016
  • Our design studio collaborated with Alice for the decoration of sliding panels in the headquarters of a Bank: her work has made a fundamental contribution by personalizing the rooms with great elegance. The final result was of great aesthetic impact.  

    70m2 - Architecture study HOUZZ, August 2016
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